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evofit is a Community

                  join evofit........... and you join a community, a supportive and encouraging group that helps transforms new lifestyles and provides the motivation to each and every goal.

We are proud to call our community of members the GREEN TEAM,

                                                          and  TEAM work is something we take seriously!

                                  "Together Everyone Achieves More"

As well as our indoor and outdoor sessions that have all of the support you need to maintain your focus, and keep achieving the results you want,  as a TEAM, we also  take part in many many events throughout the year.

From obstacle courses, fun runs, trail runs, bike rides, park runs, stair climbs and whatever we can find, is what we do together. We give each other the support needed with things that we wouldn't normally do or go 'outside our comfort zone' to keep achieving!

Just a few of the events we have taken part in

Dirt Wars    .       True Grit     .      City to Bay     .       Grand Slam Series       .       Miss Muddy

             SA Trails      .       Stadium Stomp      .     Obsta Splash       .      Operation Blackhawk      .

The Glow Run     .     Relay for Life       .       Conquer the Summit      .    Tough Mudder       .

        Mothers Day Classic       .    Trail Blazers         

               and it doesnt stop there........

We love to keep helping...


Whenever the need arises the Green Team will always come together and do what is needed to help out where we can

 Often many events are part of fundraising and we do our bit there, but we take it one step running specialty sessions and holding events to raise further funds for :

The Leukemia Foundation

Beyond Blue

Battens Disease

Breast Cancer

Cancer Council

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