a variety of options to suit your needs for

                     Healthy Living

  Well-being Packages that include every element to Your                              BODY : MIND : SOUL 

* Fitness and Lifestyle Planner

* Meal Plans - generalized / personalized

* Stretching and Mobility

* Meditation

* Healthy Home Make Over

       * pantry makeover

       * shopping guidance

       * label reading

       * school lunch box ideas

       * dinning out guide

* Weigh-ins

* Body Composition and Measurements

* Weekly or fortnightly options


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Emily Gray

I am Emily Gray your Certified Nutrition & Health Coach!

I started Actively Nourished to share my passion and knowledge for health and wellness with all those around me.

I believe there is so much more to healthy living than eating salad for lunch day after day if that’s not what you love. I love to live a holistic, nourished and balanced life and my passion is for teaching others to find their best life and have a great relationship with food & living an active lifestyle.

I truly believe healthy living is a rewarding journey and not a series of diets! Everybody is so unique, and Actively Nourished reflects just that, working with every client as an individual, focusing on your personal goals and challenges.

I want to congratulate you on taking the first step, remember everyone around you benefits from a healthier, happier you!

I look forward to being your coach, working with you every step of the ride, and seeing your health journey flourish!

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