Thankyou for choosing evofit to achieve your fitness goals with.

We want to deliver the best experience for you by providing a great atmosphere to workout in, quality equipment and facilities, an awesome team to support you and the value you expect in each of our sessions. We value everyone that attends and want you to enjoy your involvement with us.




Please read our Terms and Conditions below.

These need to be agreed to to participate at evofit


Liability Waiver and Indemnity:

evofit is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class.
I understand that classes at evofit may be physically strenuous and have inherent dangers and risks and I voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is a risk of personal (physical and mental) injury, property loss or death.

By submitting this form I agree that I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives hereby release evofit and their owners, volunteers, directors, officers, employees, trainers and independent contractors from any claims of any kind whatsoever for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

I also agree to hold harmless and indemnify evofit and their owners, volunteers, directors, officers, employees, trainers and independent contractors from any liability for property damage or personal injury which a third party may suffer as a result of me participating in classes at evofit.

By participating at evofit, you agree to  our ‘Liability Waiver and Indemnity’ Policy and also abide by the evofit’s code of ethics and to respect all that attend.




Membership Details

evofit reserves the right to change conditions of membership, hours of operation, services offered and all fees and charges, at any time, at its sole discretion with reasonable notice. Any such changes will be notified to you through either the website or mail to your last known email address.


Cooling off Period:

There is a seven (7) day cooling off period that begins on the date this form is submitted during which time you may terminate your membership by delivering written notice to evofit.


Membership Fee Details:

By providing a payment method via direct debit for your membership, you explicitly give evofit the authority to charge your membership fee on a weekly basis, with accordance to the term of your chosen subscription.

On each occasion that a scheduled payment is declined for any reason, the member gives permission for evofit to charge a decline fee. The current decline fee of $25.00 applies and may change without prior notice.


Renewal Policy: 

Your membership will automatically renew every month and continue until you cancel your membership with one months notice.

The foundation membership price will be upheld for the entirety of a customers time with us. However, any interruption with cancelling this agreement, membership will resume at current prices


Cancellation Policy:

Sessions: You will have access to the ‘Gloflox’ app to manange ALL your  bookings, changes or cancellation of  sessions.

We do request that you adjust your attendance in your personal hub, as 4hrs notice is required to cancel any session,  otherwise payment is still expected.

Personal Training: We request that you give us 12hrs notice via a text message to your trainer otherwise your payment will be forfeited

Memberships: You may cancel your membership at any time with one calendar months notice. 

To notify evofit of cancellation, send an email to mandy@evofit.net.au which details your name and cancellation date request.


Late Policy

Sessions are to start and finish on time. As you can understand the importance of a warm up to prepare you for the session, so if you are more than 10 mins late you may not be able to join the class.



Membership Holds:
Memberships: Your membership may be paused for a set amounts of days each 1 year, depending on each membership, and must be provided in writing via email to evofit no less than 5 business days prior.

Hold days each year

Limited membership: 14 days

Unlimited membership: 28 days

Unlimited Premium : 60 days


Should any payments, fees or other debts remain due but unpaid from any source, evofit may suspend your use of the services until all fees and other debts are paid in full.



Family Memberships

When a ‘Premium Unlimited Membership’ is held, a discount is offered to immediate family members. The Primary member agrees to pay for the membership from the same account. If the primary member cancel his or her membership, the family members fees will still be debited from the primary members account but not at the discounted rate.


Student and Seniors Card Holders

evoteens -  5 session punch card - $50.

Student membership – 15% discount off any membership.

Seniors membership - 15% discount off any membership.

If you are a full time student under the age of 18 or a Seniors card holder. You must supply evidence of the concession card to receive this discount


Kids Safe Zone

We have a great area for your kids to play and be safe away from any dangerous situation. This area is  unmanned, however, they can feel comfortable being able to see you throughout your workout. And if you do need to attend to them at any stage you can. We do ask for no food and drink in this area, as there are many food allergies that may affect another child.

On entry or completion of your workout we ask that your children to not enter onto the black rubber gym floor or play on any equipment. This is for their own safety


These Terms and Conditions need to be agreed to participate at evofit

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please call Mandy on 0418803 809, or email mandy@evofit.net .