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Class timetable 2022



EVO - Small group training. You will experience a variety of exercises and equipment to challenge you.

By being a part of a small group, you benefit from the encouragement, motivation, and fun from others.


POWERFIT - Powerstrength is a structured training program, based around improving your lift strength and technique. The soul focus will be concentrating on your main exercises with the incorporation of other accessory movements in order to improve these areas


L.I.M.I.T - Low intensity Modified Interval Training - 

A low intensity workout with modifications as you need. A small group atmosphere without the competitiveness or pressure of a regular session. This would be suitable for people who are new to the gym, or if you are returning to fitness after a time away or need those modifications due to injury or mobility restrictions. Learn the skills and techniques you will need to integrate back into the world of fitness, improving everyday functional movements, and have some fun at the same time!


EVOBOX - Boxing for fitness. The benefits are a great cardio workout, while building muscular endurance, muscular strength, stamina, and power. A challenging but fun workout 

IRON - A weights program designed to increase muscular strength. Improve your physique and tone your muscles, using equipment like Olympic weights, kettlebells, and dumbbells. Suitable for both men and women.

MYSTERY CLASS - Come for a fun workout using a range of different equipment. Each week will be different, and you will not know what it will be until you show up to class

EVOFUNCTION  – In Functional fit we slow things down, focusing on the functional movements of the body to increase range of motion and flexibility. A perfect class to compliment your current training schedule or just to get a bit of feel good movement into your week 

EVOCIRCUIT  – A full body workout in the classic circuit style, moving from one station to the next for either timme or reps  

OPEN GYM  – Come and do your own thing


CHECK IN DAY - On the last Sunday of each month we will be having a check in day where you can come in and have your measurements taken, run through a fitness assessment with the trainer's and work on your 1rms on a range of different exercises

EVO CHALLENGE – The last Friday night of the month is our challenge session. Similar to our Evo sessions but team based with a bit of fun competition. Followed by dinner at the pub after for a feed, drinks, and chats.

COFFE CATCHUP - Join a social coffee date or light brunch at 10:30 with fellow evofitters after the Wednesday L.I.M.I.T session at the end of each month. Venue will be advised each month

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