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Class timetable 2023

Calender June 2023.jpg



evo circuit - A variety of compound exercises challenging you through short form strength and conditioning. An enjoyable work to rest ratio hitting all physical markers.

evo Strength -Designed to educate you on the importance of overall strength, how to improve it over time and the different strategies you can use in your training to maintain a strong everlasting body.

evo Function- The mixture of high quality movement practices and low intensity cardio to give your midweek training a more patient approach with our focus being on understanding how your body moves.

evo X- Skills based training that gives you an introduction into the Olympic lifting world paired together with a fun strength and conditioning WOD (Workout of the day).

evo Power - Combining low intensity cardio with our second iteration of purposeful strength training to finsih off your week feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

OPEN GYM  – Come and do your own thing

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